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Lunch with a purpose

16 Jan 2020 < 1 min read

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When Fengshan Member of Parliament, Ms Cheryl Chan goes on house visits, volunteers found a group of lonely or less mobile seniors in Fengshan. The active ageing committee keeps tabs on these residents and invites them to a bi-weekly seniors’ luncheon to keep them active socially and physically.

The luncheon was started in 2016 for seniors who are lonely and vulnerable to network, to get to know other people, and also for volunteers to know their health condition. The community has grown, starting with 20 elderly to the 70 who attend regularly these days.

Apart from lunch, there is entertainment and short interesting activities, for instance, picking up exercises that they can do at home. Besides an afternoon of fun and networking, these luncheons are also channels of information about other residents who may need help.

You can also read about how Cheryl reaches out to her residents via mobile MPS.

This article was first published in the Dec 2019 issue of Petir Magazine.